I played in various bands and release records / sell rights for the commercial use of my tracks by a Creative Commons 3.0 nc/nd license.

BL-HoxVox HOX VOX is my main music project, started in 2008 (I made first record Eight-Bit Deboned in 1989 but then I ceased to play until Y2K). It’s a series of concept albums with a great amount of different genres – even within the single songs; but the overall environment around the big mess is about art rock / rock in opposition / avant-prog.

Status: ACTIVE

 THE WRECK UP is a duo with David Preston, started in 2011. Genre: jam rock / progressive rock / avant-rock.

Status: HIATUS

BL-TT TURBOGRIND TERRORIZERS is a cybergrind / avant-grind band formed by me in 2011. After the release of Turbogrind Terrorizers single, Vince Gauthier, Neil Morrison and Jason Kavanagh joined the band, and we released Napalm Theme Park, The Album and XX Fucking Great 80s Covers. Then TT turned again to a solo project with last record Enter the Base.

Status: HIATUS

 THE BLASTED MUFFINSis a mixed media duo with Jason Kavanagh. Music Genre: post surrealism. We made only one music+videoEP: Godspeed You, Chocolate Albino!

Status: HIATUS

BL-Apskaft THE SOUND OF APSKAFT is a collective of DIY avant-garde artists from all over the world, founded in 2007 by Jonas Lind. I started to cooperate with them in 2009 and have been the group leader from 2011 to 2013. We made great collective records, some videoclips and a great project: a new soundtrack for Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin.

Status: HIATUS


AndreaFerrantelliseparator15ANDREA FERRANTELLI


Born in Turin, Italy in 1977, he’s a Lecturer/Researcher at Aalto University School of Science and Technology and guitarist as Quantum Prana and in Masquerade. He started playing the guitar in 1994, and has been active in black and thrash metal, progressive rock and metal, industrial and avant-garde music. He relocated to Finland in 2005 to continue his studies in Theoretical Physics and obtain a PhD in Particle Cosmology in 2010. He plays 6 and 7 string electric guitars, and both the fretted and fretless bass. In Helsinki, he played the bass in an Opeth tribute band called Damnation and in the progressive rock group Subspace Radio, and the lead guitar in The Physicists and in a Testament tribute band called Bacement.

We made together 2 versions of Loki from Mjöllnir.



He’s a French musician born in 1974. The scope of his musical work is enormous – he started playing violin at the age of 6, switched to the drums, been self-taught on guitar, bass and keyboards (he’s also singing). In the late 80’s, he started performing hard rock/heavy music in the vein of AC/DC. However, in the 90’s he expanded his musical horizons, and he started incorporating various shades of progressive rock in his musical solo output (sometimes with his trio in various incarnation, sometimes as a soloist playing all instruments). Aside his solo career – which is astounding in its quantity as well as diversity, he has been active as a session musician, producer, composer and arranger in styles varying from hip-hop, to experimental jazz, to Zeuhl. He is known in prog rock circles also as a member of 4/3 DE TRIO, or lastly with his new band Sulphat’ Ketamine

We made a track together – Une Charogne (Charles Baudelaire) – where I cured the music and he did the narrator, reciting the poem by Baudelaire. That track was made on purpose for a collective record by The Sound of Apskaft, APSKAFT PRESENTS: POEMS.

Eugene_Litvinov Евгений Литвинов (EVGENIY LITVINOV)
Born in ’81 in Russia, he’s  a guitarist best known as Hold_the_gun; he plays alternative / avant rock but also electronic / sample-driven stuff. We met at The Sound of Apskaft and made a few collective records together. When we decided to make a cover of the full The Dark Side of The Moon (that we renamed The Dark side of the Monkey, according to Apskaft logo) the opening track Breathe was assigned to a curious combo:


  • Hold_the_gun: samples and mix
  • Zakrewsky: rhymes 1st part
  • Chetuha Garibaldi: rhymes 2nd part
  • Hox: flute



Born in Venice in 1967, guitarist of Eddy Urla and electronic musician in his solo project Cianoiz, he played the funky guitar on Overdose: Flashback from Hurry Up Harry part 3



Born in Milan on March 9th, 1964, electric and acoustic guitarist, banjo player and historian of African-American Music and Rock. Enrico Merlin combines his activity as musician to that of adviser and historian, as well as founder and organizer of artistic events.

He is considered one of the foremost experts in the world of Miles Davis, which has compiled the most complete catalog of the works published and unpublished. Parts of this work have been published internationally.
In 2006 he conceived, coordinated and set up the multimedia exhibition “The Sounds of Miles” for Veneto Jazz Festival, which earned him the cover of the magazine “JazzIt”, plus dozens of reviews in the national press. Concurrently published the first complete catalog of the works of Miles Davis (recordings, interviews, television appearances, etc.). In terms of musicology, he has developed innovative theories regarding non-verbal signals and the sophisticated techniques of post-production record, which were included in the curriculum of the course “Music E-145, Electronic Music, Hystory and Aesthetics of Popular Music since the 1960s”
In 1996 he was invited as a speaker at the “Miles Davis Conference” held at Washington University in St. Louis. He has written liner notes for five CD of Miles Davis, published by the Jazz Music Yesterday and distributed in the US, Japan and Europe.
He collaborated on the DVD “Miles At Isle Of Wight” by director, Oscar winner, Murray Lerner, realizing the multimedia part of the DVD: a searchable database that includes all the performances of the first electric period, with ladders of concerts and testimonies musicians and audience.
For years, he’s part of the Tiger Dixie Band, dedicated to the recovery and development of the traditional Jazz, but with a modern approach to interpretation.
The love for the acoustic sounds and traditional music coexists with the interest in electronics, samplers and effects, to create unusual timbral textures. On these coordinates move other formations, among which the Trio “CRM114” (with Roberta Rigotti and Roberto Cipelli) and the Trio “Looking For A Title” (with Lawrence Frizzell and Carlo Canevali).
He has had several releases, has participated in many international festivals and collaborated with international musicians including Lee Konitz, Franco D’Andrea, Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu.
He teaches “Musical Culture” at the CDM in Rovereto, faculty of the Triennial of Professional Specialization, teaching History of the music of the ‘900.
He also teaches guitar and music history at the music school “The Diapason” of Trento and “C. Eccher” Cles (TN) and carries popular throughout the country.
He’s artistic director of “NonSoleJazz Festival” and since June 2007 also artistic director of the CDM Rovererto.

I had the honor to make a song with him; he played two parallel guitar solos on Time to Leave from Hurry Up Harry part 3.



He’s from Derby, UK. We’re bandmates in The Wreck Up, and he also played guitars on 3 tracks from Hurry Up Harry part 3. His main combo is Res Band.



Born in Udine, Italy. Great philosophist and prog/avant-garde guitarist, he plays in the prog metal band Garden Wall since end 80s, but also in the avant-jazz trio Schwingungen 77 Entertainment with Enrico Merlin and Andrea Massaria. We’re talking by a long time to play together. We’ll start ASAP.



He’s a great programmer, he worked for Microsoft and for the mighty software house Cinemaware creating one of their great games, The King of Chicago. Being a full steam eclectic guy, he’s of course also a sci-fi writer (Channel Zilch) and a crazy musician.

I didn’t play with him, but I made a remix (plus added new parts played by me, here and there) of an entire record by him, and he was satisfied by the results.