I didn’t upload them before because it’s a harsh project, filled with violence and hatred, but after a tryout on July 29 with 6 Billion Humans of 7 Are Fucking Retards,and no complain, I decided to upload also the other two records:    

Last 3 records by Dead Hox uploaded to Jamendo

  I finished my first novel/diary with pics and graphics about my experience as designer in Reidsville, North Carolina. The book is available on Issuu.com in Italian and English.  


Hox Vox is the most original alternative prog rock band in 2015 for Friday Night Progressive and Gonzo Weekly magazine. The Awards ceremony was during the Friday Night Progressive show of November 27, 2015.

Hox Vox won FNP’s Indeprog Award for Original!

After the flurry of releases between july and october by Hox Vox and Dead Hox, I slowed down the pace to work on a project pairing writing and music. It’s a sci-fi illustrated novel (not a graphic novel; it’s more like a picture book), and the record will act as […]


Since the creation of Dead Hox side project in April 2015 there were 7 releases: first 4 records by Dead Hox, 2 new records and a remastered one by Hox Vox.   DEAD HOX   No by Dead Hox 6 Billion Humans of 7 Are Fucking Retards by Dead Hox I […]

7 releases in 2015 by Hox Vox and Dead Hox

Started a new huge covers record, aptly titled “Covers”. I’m working on a dozen new, and as “bonus” I enclose as also 15 from previous releases by Hox Vox, Dead Hox, Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Wreck Up. The latter are already online, with first new cover, Train in Vein (instead […]

Started new cover record titled, ehr, COVERS