“EMPIRE COLLAPSE and other odd comics” is a portfolio filled with excerpts from a selection of the graphic novels I created.

EMPIRE COLLAPSE (2012) – First episode of a graphic novel published on APSKAFTERS Magazine n. 4/5.
THE OBSERVER (2004) – A comic strip series I made for a cultural association called LibLab. I published it again on APSKAFTERS #6 in 2013.
CAPT. EVERYBODY (1993) – This story is unpublished, but Shake Edizioni Milano used a couple of its panels in the cyberpunk magazine DECODER because of their nice & clean cyberpunk style.
MESTRE IN BIANCO E NERO (Mestre in B/W, 1984) – I was a member of Progetto Aurora, a collective of comics designers. We made this graphic novel about Mestre’s history for Cassa di Risparmio Venezia (a Venetian bank). Here are 3 of my 26 panels.




A video clip where I am drawing the bat character in EMPIRE COLLAPSE’s second panel:


A few characters, sketches, and ideas for stories.